Student Tour

Welcome to the Law Student Tour, an immersive journey into the world of law and justice. Whether you're an aspiring lawyer or simply curious about the legal profession, this tour is designed to provide you with valuable insights and experiences.

Tour Highlights:

Legal Institutions: At Raffles law School, our students regularly visit prestigious law schools, bar associations and legal institutions. They interact with faculty members, practicing attorneys, and legal scholars to gain a deeper understanding of legal education and professional development.

Courtroom Observations: At Raffles law School, our students attend live courtroom proceedings and witness the dynamics of legal advocacy in action. By doing such activities, students find chance to observe trials, hearings, and arguments conducted by seasoned attorneys and judges.

Legal Workshops: Participate in interactive workshops covering various aspects of law, such as legal research, writing, and advocacy skills. They engage in mock trials, debates, and case simulations to hone their legal acumen.

Networking Opportunities: At Raffles law School, Learners connect with fellow law students, legal professionals, and alumni during networking sessions and social events. They build valuable relationships and expand their professional network within the legal community.

Cultural Excursions: Here, students find chance to explore the cultural heritage and landmarks of each city, including museums, monuments, and historical sites. They immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of art, literature, and social movements that have influenced the legal landscape.