Moot Court Hall

Moot Courts are accepted method of teaching law. Though there being mandatory requirements of moot courts as per the Bar Council directives, the moot courts at the Raffles Law School goes beyond these mandatory requirements.


At Raffles the system of moot courts is three tiered. At the first level all the students are exposed compulsorily to undertake moot courts on a given case as part of their curriculum.At the second level, the students are asked to compete amongst themselves on certain specified cases to prove & establish their capabilities in research and presentation of arguments.Those who participate in these competitions are graded as per their performance. The third stage is participation in national and international level competitions. Students who are identified having certain capabilities of advocacy are shortlisted and then sent to different moot court competitions all over the world. Their performance at these competitive moot courts is assessed and graded for future consideration regarding othermoot court competitions.