About Center for Artificial Intelligence & Law

Center for Artificial Intelligence and Law is dedicated to build a multi-disciplinary platform which can assimilate knowledge among the various streams of an educational institution. It works with the vision of bridging the gap between law and Artificial Intelligence.


Center for AI and Law strives to inculcate ability of using Artificial Intelligence technique in the domain of Law. Our vision is to emphasize upon imparting instructions, training and soft skills relating to use of Information Technology in handling the legal matters smartly and sophistically. To attain this, the Center will aim at organizing workshops, conferences, seminars, panel discussions, hand-on practice sessions and grant of certificate and diploma courses.


The Center for Artificial Intelligence and Law strives to:

  • Come with a unique initiative for academic research on the subject matter for the first time in India.
  • Encourage and undertake high-quality research related to various dimensions of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Disseminate knowledge and awareness amongst the students and provide them such a platform where they can promote their skills to enhance hand-on practical ability to handle artificial intelligence techniques.
  • PAIPR (Protection of AI under IPR)
  • P-PAI (Privacy and its Protection in AI)
  • CAB (Control AI Biasness)
  • ELIOS (Ethics, Liability, Identity and Ownership Study)
Upcoming Initiatives:
  • To organize a National Conference on the broad theme of Artificial Intelligence & Law (Forthcoming)
  • Organizing lecture series on Artificial Intelligence and Legal Regime
  • Call for Student’s Blog Submissions
  • Release of E-Newsletter
  • Organizing AI practical hands-on Webinar sessions
Association and Collaborations:
  • Signed MOUs with many renowned Universities to collaborate on legal aspects of AI.
  • Associated with many reputed institutions, NGO’s and statutory bodies to study AI and its legal implications.
Contact Us:

Head of the Center: Dr. Vibha Srivastava

Email: vibha@rafflesuniversity.edu.in