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Raffles Hall of Fame

Two exemplary students from Raffles Law School, Mr. Surjeet Singh and Mr. Ravindra Solanki have achieved a significant milestone by securing positions in the esteemed Rajasthan State Judicial Services. Their remarkable journey from the halls of academia to the esteemed judicial services is a testament to their dedication, perseverance, and exceptional legal acumen. Equipped with a comprehensive education and rigorous training received at Raffles Law School, they have demonstrated a profound understanding of the law and a commitment to upholding justice. Their selection is not only a testament to their individual merit but also reflects the quality of education and guidance provided by Raffles Law School. As they embark on this new chapter in their careers, they are poised to make meaningful contributions to the legal system and serve as beacons of integrity and fairness in the judiciary.

Mr Surjit Singh
Mr. Ravindra Solanki