Winners in National Moot Court Competitions

Winner of National Moot Court Competition organized by the School of Law, SGT University held from march 13 to16, 2015

The students of Raffles Law School achieved a remarkable triumph at the SGT University's National Moot Court Competition, organized by the School of Law SGT, held from March 13 to 16, 2015. With their exceptional legal acumen, dedication, and rigorous preparation, the Raffles Law School team demonstrated outstanding advocacy skills, navigating complex legal scenarios with finesse and precision. Their comprehensive understanding of the law, coupled with their persuasive arguments and eloquent presentation, earned them accolades and secured a prestigious victory in the competition. This triumph not only showcases the exceptional talent and expertise nurtured at Raffles Law School but also underscores the institution's commitment to excellence in legal education and moot court competitions.


Winner’, Lex Bonanza Moot Court Competition at Indore Institute of Law, 2014.

The students of Raffles Law School showcased their exceptional legal acumen and advocacy skills by emerging as the victorious team at the prestigious Lex Bonanza 2014 Moot Court Competition, hosted by the Indore Institute of Law. Their triumph was a testament to their dedication, meticulous preparation, and keen understanding of legal principles. With their eloquent arguments and astute analysis of complex legal issues, they impressed both judges and peers alike, solidifying their reputation as promising legal professionals. This remarkable achievement not only highlights the caliber of education at Raffles Law School but also underscores the commitment of its students to excel in the field of law.

‘Winner’ at ‘Siddhartha National Moot Court Competition, 2015 organized by Siddhartha Law College, Vijayawada.

The students of Raffles Law School have once again demonstrated their remarkable prowess in the legal arena by clinching the coveted title of 'Winner' at the Siddhartha National Moot Court Competition, 2015, hosted by Siddhartha Law College in Vijayawada. This achievement stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication, rigorous preparation, and exceptional advocacy skills. With their adept understanding of legal intricacies and persuasive arguments, they outshone competitors from across the nation, earning accolades from both judges and peers alike. Raffles Law School's triumph underscores its commitment to nurturing talented legal minds and fostering a culture of excellence. This victory not only brings pride to the institution but also reinforces the students' reputation as future leaders in the legal profession.

Winner of 2nd DME National Moot Court Competition organized by DME Law School Noida held on 8th April, 2018 at Noida.

The winning duo shared that this year, 62 teams from all across India, like NALSAR (Hyderabad), GLC (Mumbai), Symbiosis (Pune) and NLU (Assam) participated in this moot court competition. Despite the stiff competition Diksha and Paavni shone through each round and finally bagged the coveted trophy and a cash prize of Rs- 50,000/-. The most astonishing information that emerged during our conversation with these young legal enthusiasts was that both the girls are second year law students, who have yet not studied the subject of DME Moot Court formally in their course.

Other Prizes in National Moot Court Competitions
  • Best Speaker Award’ in 2nd round of 32nd All India Inter University Moot Court Competition, 2016, organized by the Bar Council of India.
  • ‘Best Memorial Award’ in the Semi-finals of 32nd All India Inter University Moot Court Competition, 2016, organized by the Bar Council of India.
  • Best Researcher in the 1st Nehru Memorial Law college National Moot court Competition, Hanumangarh, 2015.
  • ‘Quarter- Finalist’ in the 1st P.A. Inamdar International Moot Court Competition, 2016, CNLU, Patna.
  • Best Researcher award at 5th Justice R. K. Tankha National Moot Court Competition 2015 NLIU Bhopal.
  • Best Memorial at SGT University National Moot Court Competition 2015.
  • Best Memorial, XI All Delhi-NCR Moot Court Competition University of Delhi 2013.
Won MUNs’/ Debate Competition
  • Won Special Recognition award at the 1st Youth Model United Nations organized Jaipur National University from 7th to 8th October, 2016.
  • Won Verbal Mention Award at MUJMUN 4.0 organized by Manipal University, Jaipur, 2017.
  • ‘Best Adjudicator’ at ‘G.D. Goenka Parliamentary Debate Competition, 2015’ organized by G.D. Goenka University, Gurgaon.
Essays Competition
  • 1st position in the 1st Essay writing competition, 2016, titled “uniform Civil Code: Need of an hour” organized by Law Updater.
  • 3rd prize in Lex Quest 2nd National Essay Writing Competition, 2015, titled “Need for speed law on the wheel of technology”.
  • 2nd rank in 2nd National Essay Writing completion, 2017 by Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. Focusing on the topic of “Emerging trends in Intellectual Property Law”.
  • 3rd rank in Essay Competition 2016, organized by GNLU-GUJCOST IPR Centre on the topic “Due diligence required to shield trade secret”.
Other Achievement
  • Gold Medal In Volleyball At NLU Bhopal (Virudhka 2015).
  • Ist Runner Up, NLU Delhi Sports Fest ‘Zafir’, 2016.
  • Gold Medal in 100M, 200M, High Jump, 4X100 M, 1500M, NLU Delhi Sports Fest ‘Zafir’, 2016.
  • Bronze Medal in Discus Throw, Relay Race, Triple Jump, NLU Delhi Sports Fest ‘Zafir’, 2016. Gold Medal in 200M, 400M, 4X100 M, Nlu Jodhpur Sports Fest ‘Yuvrudha’, 2015.
  • Bronze Medal in Shot Put, 100M, NLU Jodhpur Sports Fest ‘Yuvrudha’, 2015.
  • Gold Medal in Volley Ball, NLIU Bhopal Sports Fest ‘Virudhaka’, 2015.
  • Silver Medal in Shot Put, NLIU Bhopal Sports Fest ‘Virudhaka’, 2015.

Our students have brought immense pride to our institution by clinching the prestigious Lt. Sri. Boppana Venkata Kutumba Rao Chowdary Memorial trophy.

Their dedication, hard work, and exceptional performance have not only showcased their talent but also reflected the values of our institution. This achievement stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and serves as inspiration for their peers and future generations. We commend our students for their remarkable accomplishment and celebrate their success as a testament to their skills and determination.

The students of Raffles Law School achieved a remarkable feat by clinching victory in the prestigious Basketball League competition.

Their dedication, teamwork, and exemplary sportsmanship propelled them to the top, showcasing their talent not only in the courtroom but also on the basketball court. This triumph not only brought glory to Raffles Law School but also served as a testament to the students' commitment to excellence in all endeavours. Their victory will be remembered as a shining moment in the school's history, inspiring future generations of students to strive for greatness both academically and athletically.

School of Law, Raffles University organized Two Big National Moot Court Competitions Every Year

This successful endeavor not only showcased Raffles Law School's commitment to academic excellence but also contributed to the advancement of legal education and discourse in the field of labour law.

  • Organized Eight “C.L Agarwal Memorial National Moot Court Competition, in Association with “Rajasthan Education Trust”
  • Organized Six “Surana & Surana National Labour Law Moot Court Competition” in Association with “Surana & Surana International Attorney”