Student Clubs

At Raffles Law School, we recognize the importance of blending legal education with cultural activities to provide students with a holistic and enriching experience. To achieve this goal, we offer several student clubs that seamlessly integrate legal learning with cultural engagement. Here are some examples:

Law and Culture Society:

This club aims to explore the intersection of law and culture through various activities like cultural heritage tours etc. Members delve into legal issues depicted in cultural works and organize discussions to analyze their societal implications.

International Legal Affairs Club:

Focusing on global legal issues and cross-cultural understanding, this club organizes events that explore legal systems and practices from around the world. Activities may include guest lectures by international legal experts, model United Nations simulations, and cultural exchange programs.

Legal Diversity and Inclusion Initiative:

Dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the legal profession, this club hosts cultural awareness workshops, diversity panels, and networking events that celebrate different cultural backgrounds and perspectives. Members also engage in advocacy efforts to address diversity-related issues in the legal field.

Human Rights Advocacy Club:

Combining legal education with activism, this club raises awareness about human rights issues through cultural events such as art installations, spoken word performances, and documentary screenings. Members collaborate with human rights organizations to support advocacy campaigns and promote social justice.

Law and Literature Society:

Exploring the connections between law and literature, this club organizes book clubs, poetry readings, and literary discussions that examine legal themes and narratives in literature. Members engage in interdisciplinary dialogue to gain insights into legal storytelling and narrative construction.