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Dr. Justice Meena V. Gomber
Ph.D in Law,
LL.M (Corporate Law),
LL.M (International Finance),
Merit Holder (University of London),
PG Diploma in Law of Taxation & Income Tax Practice,
Topper - University of Rajasthan, INDIA
Research Projects - University of London & National University Singapore
Former Judge - Rajasthan High Court &
Chairperson - Gomber Education Foundation &
Chief Patron - Raffles School of Law

The Sponsoring Body of Raffles University is Gomber Education Foundation, a Voluntary, Non-Profit Making, Non-Sectarian and Charitable Trust, registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882, founded by its Founder Chairman Late Shri Vinod Kumar Gomber, with Internationally Renowned Trustees.

As Chairperson of GEF, I am trying my best to fulfill my Late husband’s Dream of Excellence in affordable education, embedded in humanistic traditions & ethical values.

The Academic Institutions are the Pillars for the development of Society and Nation. Here, at Raffles University, the aim is not only to educate the students but also shape up their career by focussing on their overall development. We try to educate beyond the walls of class rooms, emphasizing on acquiring knowledge, rather than receiving a Degree. Academic knowledge plays a vital role in making up of one’s personality and to achieve progress in life. It is a common knowledge that sound personality is a combination of several facets and each of these needs to be developed in order to transform one into completely embellished person.

It is our vision that when the students pass out from Raffles University, they should not be the one in the crowd, but they should stand out in the crowd, they pass through. I can proudly say, that once our students step in, they step out with the self-confidence and knowledge to face all endeavours with complete theoretical and practical knowledge, which is essential for development of Society and Nation.

May the University make it’s mark in the Academic World, both Nationally as well as Globally.