Prof. (Dr.) Gadangi Indira
President/Vice Chancellor

Dear Friends

Warm Greetings

The Universities are working very hard to make the higher education meaningful and relevant. Experiments are being done by a number of Universities, to make their end product (graduates) ‘fit for job’ using their strategies. Emphasis is on to bring out competent persons who can meet the requirements of the employers. In short, higher education is driven by Job market.

I do believe that the aim of Universities is to inculcate confidence, commitment and concern as basic values in addition to providing knowledge. Raffles University is being established on high ideals with a vision to shape the youth as per the desire of Swami Vivekananda.

Curriculum and pedagogy are designed to blossom the inbuilt capacity to each student. However, to fulfill the contemporary mindset of the majority of students and parents, University facilities good placements also.

We offer undergraduate, masters, and research programs in different streams. The best feature of our University is that the faculty members are available to the students on 24x7 basis. The ambience, state of the art infrastructure, pollution free green campus, meticulous planning and delivery of academics, with all, individuals care and student centric approach make us to claim that ‘ we are different’. All other legitimate expectations of the students and parents in terms of sports, cultural events, co-curricular activities, industry interface and exposure to contemporary developments are taken care of. We ensure total compliance with all statutory requirements of regulatory bodies.

Scientia est potential which means ‘Knowledge is Power’ is our dhyeya vakya. We equip, expose, empower and enlighten you to face any challenge of the life with confidence, but not compromising with ethical values.