Center for South Asian Legal Studies

South Asian countries share a land mass that has the Himalayan Mountain ranges on the North and Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea towards the South. This land mass has a common weather system dominated by the South-Western Monsoon, common river system with shared rivers that flow from one country to the other, a long common coast line and indeed a shared cultural heritage.

As a result, these countries also have many shared problems which can be set right if countries manage the available resources of the region to their favour. For example, there are the issues of water resources that are excessive in monsoon season and deficient in the other months causing disasters like floods, landslides, draught and epidemics in the region.

It will be immensely useful if Center for South Asian Legal Studies functioning under aegis of the Raffles Law School, Raffles University, Neemrana Delhi NCR aids to boost and train a competent and rigorous think tank to mull over such shared issues with a blend of regional and global perspectives and attempt to evolve shared solutions for such shared issues.

Such an attempt will also provide a platform for exchanging experiences of different South Asian jurisdictions with view to set right their laws, policies and governance methods. The list of shared concerns can go on, and so can go on the significance of comparative studies in the domain of South Asian Legal Studies.

Our Vision:

The study of law cannot stand in isolation. In it lays the need to expand the ambits of jural correlations and juxtapositions by analysing legal systems functioning trans-boundary so that deviations may be transfused into assimilations. One significant step to attempt the understanding of the global realm of law rests upon analysis of issues which are not only experienced locally but have their significant impacts universally or regionally. The Center for South Asian Legal Studies is therefore, committed to provide an intellectual forum where learners and experts would examine and analyse mutually conflictive points of laws of Nations of South Asia. The Center therefore, focuses on the understanding of transitional justice covering the following areas:

  • Private International Law
  • International Trade Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Law of the Sea (Maritime Law)
  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • Comparative Public Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Feminist Jurisprudence and Gender Justice
  • Cyber Laws
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Disputes Settlement
  • Legal Theory
  • To conduct multi-disciplinary research and innovation on emerging trends and real-life experiences emanating out of conflicts of law of South Asian nations.
  • To provide a platform for collaboration programs between academics (various educational institutes/Universities) and industry for skill development over the latest developments.
  • On its own and with support of funding from various industries and academic institutions, the Center for South Asian Legal Studies has designed skill development programs which will be instrumental in helping the students and budding professionals in building their careers in industries by filling the gap between the demands of industry and the academic learning.
  • To publish articles, edited books, blogs and conference proceedings containing original research works by experts and students.
  • With support by well-known industry experts and experienced academicians from renowned institutions in India and abroad, the center endeavors to conduct certificate courses, workshops, seminars, panel debates and other co-curricular activities.
  • The Center conducts a variety of activities such as organizing conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops, educational visits, parliamentary debates, essay competitions, surveys, panel discussions, student/faculty exchange programme and grant aids and funding for research projects.
  • Center conducts peer reviewed research projects on different topics relating to the studies of South Asian legal systems.
  • Preparing to build an online law repository to provide a sophisticated resource Center for students and researchers.
  • The Center is making changes at the grass root level with the help of locally specialised agencies.
Upcoming Initiatives:
  • Inaugural of the Center’s Web Portal.
  • Call for write-ups from invitees for E-Blog of the Center.
  • Prepared to start an Online Lecture Series on legal issues countries of South Asian region are facing currently.
  • Working on an Informative Newsletter on International Commercial Arbitration.
Association and Collaborations:

The Center is highly committed towards the idea of collaboration with reputed governmental and semi-governmental institutions, research organisations and autonomous bodies which are committed to the study of social and legal issues of South Asian region.

Contact Us:

Head of the Center: Ms. Preetika Nalwa