Moot Court Society

At Raffles Law School, we pride ourselves on nurturing the next generation of legal luminaries through practical, hands-on experiences. Central to this endeavor is our esteemed Moot Court Society, a dynamic hub where theory meets practice, and advocacy skills are honed to perfection.

Twice a year, our Moot Court Society orchestrates riveting moot court competitions, providing a platform for our budding legal scholars to showcase their expertise in simulated courtroom settings. These competitions serve as crucibles of learning, where students delve into complex legal scenarios, craft compelling arguments, and engage in spirited debates under the scrutiny of seasoned judges.

In collaboration with renowned entities such as Surana and Surana International Attorneys and Rajasthan Education Trust, we conduct biannual moot court competitions by Surana & Surana National Moot Court Competition on Labor Law and CL Agrawal Memorial National Moot Court respectively. Our moot court competitions transcend the boundaries of traditional academia, offering participants exposure to real-world legal challenges and networking opportunities with industry stalwarts. These partnerships underscore our commitment to providing students with the most enriching and comprehensive educational experiences possible.

Through rigorous preparation and mentorship from faculty and legal professionals, moot court society prepares the students not only by refining their advocacy skills but also by cultivating critical thinking, teamwork, and professionalism – attributes essential for success in today's legal landscape.

The Moot Court Society of Raffles Law School is not just a forum for academic pursuit but a vibrant community where passion for the law thrives, and aspirations are realized.