About Center for Criminal Justice Reform

Center for Criminal justice Reform aims to advance knowledge on the administration of justice and on the nature of criminal behavior. It aims to bring various stakeholders like academicians, policy planners, officials, programme administrators, representatives of civil society, NGOs, media, social and development activists, and practitioners to debate and discuss about criminal law and justice. The Center attempts to engage these issues theoretically as well as empirically. The main motive behind the Center is to provide the students not only legal education but also the practical exposure to legal ways and the bottlenecks in implementation. The center also aims at initiating programs which advance the research capabilities of the students and push them to innovate and grow on their own through. lectures, panel discussions and academic visits, etc.

Our Vision & Mission:

The vision of Center for Criminal justice Reform is to inculcate among students the ability to demonstrate over substantive and procedural aspects of domestic and comparative Criminal Law jurisprudence.

The Center's mission is to inculcate Rule of Law, Human Rights, Good Governance and Democratic Values by contributing to local, national and international efforts to support law reform initiatives and to improve the administration of criminal justice system.

It focuses on organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, mock trials, and mooting sessions to explore student’s practical and critical abilities.


Library has Membership of DELNET for Resources Sharing and Inter Library Loan.

  • To promote independent thinking, learning and presentation of thoughts.
  • To endorse skills that are needed to enhance personal skills and to facilitate social engagement.
  • To provide students a platform for interaction with criminal law experts over various criminal law related topics.
  • To conduct empirical research on different topics regarding the administration of criminal justice.
  • To conduct Workshops, Seminars, Guest lectures, Panel discussions, Mock trials and mooting sessions on contemporary issues relating to changing dimensions of the different areas of criminal law and justice.
  • Workshops to promote independent thinking, learning and presentation of thoughts.
  • Seminars by experts of the field and academicians on various changing aspects of practice of criminal law and its administration.
  • Supervising doctrinal and empirical research on different topics related to the criminal law and justice.
  • Publishing journal, edited book, book reviews, e-blog and other mini research write-ups containing research works by the faculty, experts and students.
Upcoming Initiatives:
  • Call for students Blog Submissions.
  • Certificate Courses on Criminal Justice
  • Legal Discourse on contemporary criminal law issues.
  • Publication of an informative e-newsletter on recent criminal law reforms.
  • Organizing club discourse based on problem solving with emphasis on special genres of criminal law.
  • Sensitizing freshers with the aspects of moots, mock trials and panel discussions.
  • Conducting mock trial demonstrations to inculcate among the students the better understanding of practical aspects of administration of criminal justice.
Contact Us:

Head of the Center: Dr. Irshad Khan

Email: dr.irshadkhan@rafflesuniversity.edu.in