About Center for Arbitration & Mediation

The justice delivery system in India has come under great stress due to several reasons. At the very same time due to the impact of globalization, there is rapid increase in disputes amongst the parties which require speedy and effective resolution. It is well known that adversarial justice dispensation system of India is already overburdened and there are chances that it can face depression. In this context, dispute resolution through arbitration, mediation, lok-adalats& negotiation is seen as more effective, less time consuming and hassle-free alternate form of dispute resolution in the country. Furthering it, Raffles Law School, Raffles University has set up the Center for Arbitration & Mediation to enhance knowledge, understanding various techniques applied in Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Center aims at creating awareness about Alternate Dispute Resolution System as part of peaceful and amicable means of justice delivery system. Hence, the object of CAMC is to equip students, law professionals and other stakeholders with practical aspects of arbitration, mediation, and other ADR tools so that they may be trained well to take up holistic learning, training, and practical exposure in this field.


Center for Arbitration & Mediation has been established with the aim to encourage the settlement of disputes by way of negotiations, arbitration and conciliation. The Center, while emphasizing upon the merits and demerits of ADR, encourages concerned stakeholders to adopt ultra-modern methods of inquisitorial dispute resolution techniques. Primary focus of the Center is to lay down coherence between principles and functioning of ADR area to make the para-legal services available throughout the country.


Library has Membership of DELNET for Resources Sharing and Inter Library Loan.

  • To develop skills related to different ADR mechanism among students and Legal fraternity;
  • To provide platform for deliberations and discussion relating to effective ADR;
  • To encourage students in advancing their studies towards ADR;
  • To conduct Practical Training Workshops for the students and other stakeholders;
  • To create awareness of ADR through various events like Panel Discussion, Symposium, Seminar, Client Counselling Competition, Negotiation Competition etc. on the subject.
  • To develop legal training and educational programmes with the Bar Councils and establish legal services clinics in University.
  • To encourage settlement of disputes by way of negotiations, arbitration and conciliation, the Center for Arbitration & Mediation strives to act in coordination with governmental and non-governmental agencies engaged in the work of promoting the cause of legal aid.
Current Happenings:
  • Workshops on the issues pertaining to theoretical and practical forms of ADR.
  • Organizing National and International Seminars solely or in collaboration with other institutions/bodies on latest challenges, solutions and opportunities relating to ADR techniques.
  • Call for papers for workshop presentation to publish in the upcoming Center for Arbitration & Mediation E-Journal.
  • Annual Mediation and Arbitration Training Workshop solely or in collaboration with Centers for ADR operating across the country.
  • Panel Discussion on ADR and its application as well as theoretical challenges and opportunities.
  • Inaugurated Center for ADR Blog.
  • Mediation awareness camps, legal aid camps and Lok Adalats in collaboration with governmental bodies or national, state or district legal services authorities.
Our Upcoming Initiatives:
  • Call for student’s Blog submissions for Center for Arbitration & Mediation Blog section.
  • Legal Discourse on Contemporary arbitration issues.
  • Informative E-Newsletter.
  • Organizing Case Club involving a particular genre of criminal as well as civil cases.
  • Sensitizing freshers with the aspects of Client Mediation Panel.
Association and Collaboration:
  • Collaborations with District Legal Services Authority and other renowned statutory and non-statutory bodies.
Contact Us:

Head of the Center: Dr. Roopesh Kumar

Email: dr.roopeshkumar@rafflesuniversity.edu.in